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Which PetSmart dog tags are best?

Providing your dog with proper tags is a critical component of responsible pet ownership. Dog tags ensure that if anyone finds your pet they have easy access to your companion’s name, your phone number, your address or any other important information you want them to have available. Thankfully, dog tags are also customizable and provide owners with yet another way to individualize and accessories their pet.

PetSmart stocks a wide range of dog tags designed to help keep your pet safe and fashionable at the same time. The YIP Smart Tag Personalized ID Tag and Finder provides owners with the ultimate in pet safety. Thanks to its compatibility with Apple’s “Find My” app, this tag allows you to locate your pet using your Apple phone or smart device.

What to know before you buy PetSmart dog tags


Dog tags are available in different types of material, with each type having its own pros and cons.

  • Stainless steel dog tags are the most durable, but this material is not the most common and will likely be available in limited shapes and sizes. Text can be hard to read on its polished surface.
  • Aluminum dog tags are the most popular, with this light metal being offered in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Aluminum is inexpensive and will not rust.
  • Brass dog tags have largely fallen by the wayside in favor of other metal options, but these traditional, classy looking dog tags still look great on working breeds.
  • Plastic, rubber and silicone dog tags are also available and becoming increasingly popular. These tags are especially useful in situations where the sound of a noisy, metal tag hitting your dog’s collar is to be avoided.

Smart features

Some dog tags contain chips that allow you to use your phone or device to locate your pet if they run off. Others will send you a notification if someone finds your pet and engages with their tag. These models cost more than traditional tags, but the added peace of mind one has with the ability to easily locate their pet is invaluable for many dog owners.

Attachment options

A dog tag is only as good as its ability to remain attached to your pet’s collar even during rough play and exercise. Some tags clip to your dog’s collar using small but robust hardware, whereas others have loops built directly into them that you can use to attach them to your dog’s collar in a manner of your choosing. Be sure to affix your dog’s tag in such a way that the writing cannot be scratched off, and check it regularly for any signs of wear or damage.

What to look for in quality PetSmart dog tags


It’s important to select a dog tag that is small enough to not annoy your pet, but also large enough to provide the space needed to engrave important contact information. Small tags are discreet, but tiny fonts may be challenging for people to read. Large, dangling tags may dip into your pet’s food or mud and become difficult to clean.


Selecting a color for your dog’s tag is a fun way to accessorize your pet. A brightly colored tag will also allow strangers to note from a distance that your dog is not a stray. The assurance of seeing a tag on your pet may provide other people with the confidence they need to try to approach your dog to take a closer look at their contact information. A tag that is too discreet may go unnoticed and leave passersby to assume that your pet may not have an owner to reach out to.


To prevent the sound of a metal dog tag jingling as your pet moves, some tags come with plastic or rubber gaskets that are fitted around the exterior of the tag itself. These “silencers” pad your dog’s tag, preventing it from audibly clanging against any other metal buckles or studs on your pet’s collar.

High-contrast text

The number one reason to have your dog wear a tag is to facilitate the return of your pet in the event that they get lost or you become separated. Select a tag material and text combination that is as easy as possible to read. Your pet may be found by someone who is leery of dogs or has difficulty reading. Make your text as legible and as large as you can.

How much you can expect to spend on PetSmart dog tags

PetSmart offers dog tags with smart features for $25-$35. Traditional dog tags in a range of materials and designs can be purchased for $4-$20.

PetSmart dog tags FAQ

Does my dog need a tag?

A. In many cases, yes. Not only are tags a good idea in the event of your pet becoming lost, many states require you to display your pet’s license and vaccination status in the form of a tag.

What information should I include on my dog’s tag?

A. Your dog’s tag should include your pet’s name, the city that you live in and your cell phone number. If your dog requires any medication, that should also be detailed on the tag. If space allows, you can also include a personal message or describe any reward you may give to whoever returns your pet safely. If your dog is chipped, that should also be noted on the tag.

Are dog tags dangerous?

A. Most dogs wear their tags comfortably with little protest. However, some especially sensitive animals may require training to get them comfortable having an object dangling off of their neck. Tags that light up or flash often include button batteries which can be potentially fatal if swallowed. Any tags or accessories that include button batteries should be used under very careful supervision. 

What are the best PetSmart dog tags to buy?

Top PetSmart dog tag

YIP Smart Tag Personalized ID Tag and Finder

YIP Smart Tag Personalized ID Tag and Finder

What you need to know: This smart dog tag works with your Apple iPhone’s “Find My” app.

What you’ll love: You can locate your pooch from anywhere on the planet with this tag, thanks to its compatibility with Apple’s “Find My” app. This tag is also available for Samsung Galaxy users.

What you should consider: This tag includes a potentially dangerous button battery.

Where to buy: Sold by PetSmart

Top PetSmart dog tag for money

TagWorks® Elegance Collection Gold Bone Personalized Pet ID Tag

TagWorks® Elegance Collection Gold Bone Personalized Pet ID Tag

What you need to know: This affordable tag is made of tough metal and features a fun, classic design.

What you’ll love: This tag’s shiny gold looks great on any pampered pet. Metal construction is durable and safe. Three lines of text on both the front and the back of this tag gives plenty of room for contact and medical information.

What you should consider: This tag’s metallic finish can make small text hard to read. 

Where to buy: Sold by PetSmart

Worth checking out

TagWorks® Red Bone Personalized Pet ID Tag

TagWorks® Red Bone Personalized Pet ID Tag

What you need to know: This tag comes in a bold, red color that makes its text easy to read.

What you’ll love: Bright and fun, this dog tag allows you to legibly present your pet’s name and contact information over three lines on both the front and back.

What you should consider: The red color may not appeal to some, but TagWorks provides alternative colors as well.

Where to buy: Sold by PetSmart


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