MONROE, La. — Bridging the gap for those in need and hoping to help save some lives one flight at a time is the mission of Pilots For Patients. That dedication has made them April’s Pay It Forward recipient.

Taking flight and soaring through the skies. Pilots For Patients, or PFP, is doing just that, helping one patient at a time.

“If you can’t help your friends and neighbors then who can you help? That’s all we are, just friends and neighbors,” said Alex Matherne, the marketing and event coordinator for Pilots For Patients.

Founded in 2008, the idea was to provide free flights to those in need of medical diagnosis and treatment in states across the country. PFP started with only 5 pilots and 250 flights. Now, 11 years later, they have 140 pilots and have taken over 4,500 flights. All of this is done out of the goodness of the pilot’s hearts and without the patient ever having to pay a single penny.

“They’re donating their time, the plane, and the fuel to get these patients to their treatments,” said Matherne.

PFP has provided almost $4 Million worth of services for patients in need and they do it all through donations.

Matherne said, “We don’t set goals but every year we continue to break goals.”