Paying it forward to Families Helping Families

Paying it Forward
“We’re just really excited to have that,” said Stacey Guidry, Executive Director for Families Helping Families. “And we’re going to make sure it goes to good use.”
Families Helping Families is a non-profit in Monroe dedicated to assisting area families that have children with disabilities.
“We have a wide range of resources,” said Guidry. “Pretty much anything that would fall under the umbrella of a challenge that you might face when you have a developmental disability. Then we step in and figure out how we can make that journey for you a little easier and a little less stressful.”
She was thrilled they were nominated for Pay it Forward, and says the 500 dollars donated by Hixson Ford will go into Families Helping Families’ crisis fund.
“We have families who travel to out of town doctors appointments frequently and may be taking a trip to Baton Rouge or New Orleans and might not be able to afford the gas,” said Guidry. “So we’ll provide them with a gas card to get them down to those locations. We also assist our families with medical equipment when it’s denied by insurance or it’s something that they need right now and can’t wait for insurance approval.”
They’ll also help out with clothing and household needs…basically anything that could come up for the nearly 3,000 families that rely on them each year.
And the donation really does mean so much to Guidry, because she’s seen first hand how the organization can change lives…through her son Luke.
“When my son was in the second grade we were told that we should not expect him to graduate high school,” said Guidry. “But because of resources that are available through Families Helping Families, and having an advocate that can teach you to advocate for your own child, my son will graduate high school next year with a diploma.”
While we don’t yet know who exactly will benefit from wednesday’s donation, it certaintly will go to good use.
If you’d like to donate to Families Helping Families, visit their website

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