WEST MONROE, La. — After sacrificing for our country, veterans should return home to love and support but oftentimes they return home only face a different kind of battle.

“Managing their marriages, their finances, their day to day lives, just being a mommy or a daddy. As I mentored a lot of those, realizing a lot of them weren’t going to come to a program that’s government-affiliated,” said Our H.O.M.E. Founder Andrew Yarbrough.

That’s where this month’s Pay It Forward recipient Our H.O.M.E. comes in. Our H.O.M.E. is a 501C3 nonprofit organization assisting with filling treatment gaps by providing veterans with options and groups that support their journey. Andrew Yarbrough says that it is all about setting veterans up for a bright future.

He said, “To help them find peace. To be able to find different resources available for them and to help set them up for success.”

Yarbrough says there are community events involving veterans that this Pay It Forward reward will go towards funding.

“We’re currently in talks with a program in North Louisiana to be able to help veterans and their families transition through traumatic experiences, whether it’s through combat or just life. This program could use a little funding, ” said Yarbrough.

Their mission is simple. To connect veterans and their families to organizations and providers, both private and governmental, that will aid them in transitioning to a healthier lifestyle.

Yarbrough said, “It truly is a family and a community that comes together to be able to help vets find that glimmer of hope.”

Yarbrough also says that if you are a veteran in need of assistance, the best way to reach Our H.O.M.E. is through their Facebook page. If your concerns are immediate, please call a suicide hotline at 1-800-784-2433 or 1-800-273-8255.