WEST MONROE, La. — Giving everyone a chance to succeed. That’s the mission for the Twin City Mayor’s Committee on Disability and they have been chosen as March’s Pay It Forward recipient.

The Twin City Mayor’s Committee on Disability is an organization that advocates on behalf of all persons with disabilities. They say it’s about encouraging people to live past their differences.

“It’s a hand up, not a handout. College is expensive and that’s why we make this money available,” said Henry Bateman, Treasurer for the Twin City Mayor’s Committee on Disability.

Bateman says that the organization eliminates barriers in several ways. One way is by providing scholarships that help with all aspects of life.

Bateman said, “Every year we raise money to distribute scholarships to students in Ouachita Parish. Students that have disabilities. Each student gets $1,500 to be used as they see fit.”

The scholarships go to disabled students, allowing them to get everyday items to make life easier. The Twin City Mayor’s Committee on Disability also recognizes groups and businesses that help people with disabilities in Ouachita Parish.

“Gasoline to get back and forth to campus. You can use it for rent, food, books. Anything like that, anything that’ll help you graduate and get out into the economy,” said Bateman.

They say there is hope beyond disability and it is right here in our own backyard.