Whether you’re a veteran, or a family in crisis — northeast Louisiana has one go-to group who provides help, asking for nothing in return. But in this months edition of Pay it Forward, this organization got some help of it’s own.

Everyday more than 3000 people in northeast Louisiana rely on assistance from The Wellspring, a local organization that’s mission is to help lead and serve our community. 

CEO and President of The Wellspring, Caroline Cascio, said “we really touch some of the most challenging and difficult issues that folks in our community face.”

She added “these dollars help us be able to do that run our safe shelter and provide client assistance to those who need additional financial support. They also could be used to help support our homeless persons. It could go for rent or utilities for some of the populations we serve in that regard.”

From helping out survivors of domestic abuse, to feeding and clothing our homeless veterans, the money couldn’t go to a more deserving cause.

“I’m thrilled, it’s a wonderful honor. We appreciate the confidence that the business community interests in the Wellspring” said Cascio.

You can volunteer or donate to The Wellspring, just visit their website, wellspringnela.org or call 318-323-1505.