When it comes to making sure that our local children have a go to place for things like tutoring, summer programs, and and good fun you can look to one trustworthy organization. The Boys and Girls Club of Northeast Louisiana. For their dedication, commitment, and drive to help the kids in our area they are this weeks Pay It Forward recipients. 

Boys and Girls Club’s board member Chuck Williams is grateful for the opportunity to win such an award as Pay It Forward and plans to utilize the money to better benefit the program. 

” It cost $365.00 per child to attend our summer Program. The money can be used to scholarship a child and the rest can be used for things like a lifeguard, and snacks for after school”.   

When asked what their program was all about Chuck stressed the importance of their mentoring and after school tutoring programs. ” The children come after school and get help with their homework. After they finish they are then allowed to go to our gym, and play games”. 

It’s no surprise that this is a worthy organization to be paying it forward to. Helping this team of devoted mentors,tutors,and role models is essentially helping to change the lives of the children they are so compassionate about. 

All children and volunteers are welcomed to the Boys and Girls Club of Northeast Louisiana. 

For more information on how you can volunteer call (318) 323-5368. Or you can check out their Facebook Page @BGCNELA.