Paying it Forward to raise awareness for organ donations

Pay it Forward
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Laci Killian was thrilled to get the opportunity to Pay it Forward.

She says she’s been wanting to for some time, so she could help out the Louisiana Organ Procurement Agency, a non-profit organization that raises awareness for organ and tissue donation.

“It’s very fond to me because i lost my brother in 03,” Killian said. “Through LOPA we were able to meet his double-lung recipient Mr. Jackie. We keep in contact with him daily. So LOPA just holds a very special place in my heart.”

We called Leah Lopez from LOPA and told her to come by  Killian’s work, Homeland Bank.

When she got the surprise, she couldn’t say thank you enough.

The $500 from sponsors Hixon Ford, Hogan Insurance, and Twin City Outdoor will help inform our community about becoming an organ donor.

“There are actually over 2,000 people waiting right now in Louisiana on an organ transplant,” Lopez said. “And over 122,000 nationwide waiting on that life-saving organ.”

We didn’t need to go far to find someone who’s had their life changed because of a donation.

Killian’s co-worker Todd Werner is a living example of the importance of organ donors.

“I received a heart transplant last March,” Werner said. “I’m very thankful for LOPA and all the stuff they do every year trying to raise awareness for organ donations…you can register on your driver’s license and get a little heart put on it. And that’s what I got was a heart last year. And I’m very thankful for everyone who does it, because without it I wouldn’t be here.”

If you haven’t already, sign up so that one day you might be able to pay it forward, in the form of saving a life.

You can sign up to become and organ donor at your local DMV, or by going to

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