It didn’t take Jana Snow long to spot the Hixson Ford Pay it Forward crew in West Monroe, and she wants to Pay it Forward to a local high school band.

“It  will go to sponsor a child that has band fees, or any child that goes on a trip,” says Jana Snow, Paying it Forward.

Jana, we want to present you the $300 from the Hogan Agency.

“Thank you! This will go to pay for some band kids at the West Monroe high school band!” explains Snow.

With $300 in hand, we are off to West Monroe High School.

“Mr. Freeman, on behalf of Hogan Insurance Agency, I am Paying it Forward, $300, for the band, the West Monroe High School Band,” says Snow.

West Monroe High School Band Director, Robert Freeman, says band members have financial responsibilities to help keep the band going.

” Every year there are some students who are challenged to meet those financial demands, and so I think I’m going to earmark this $300 so that I can pay it forward and help a few of our students stay in our band program,” explains Robert Freeman, Band Director, West Monroe High School.
The award winning Rebel Band means everything to Freeman, but to see the kids passion for music is what makes it special.

“I’ve been very very proud of the students this year. Our band has been super successful, and not only that but they just love to play. If you hear them play, they love to get their horns, they love to perform, the love music. To me that means as much as any trophy,” mentions Freeman.