Paying it Forward to a Friend Awaiting a Transplant

Pay it Forward
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“Well I see your sign Pay it Forward,” said Kim Haley.

“And I would love to take that opportunity.”

One local family is very happy she did.

Kayse Holmes Rice has autoimmune hepatitis, a serious disease which attacks the liver and causes it to be inflammed, taking a major toll on the body.

Right now, she’s on a list for a liver transplant, so Kim wants to help her friend.

“Kasey is, in my opinion, a complete angel,” she says. “She is dealing with lots of difficulties in her physical body… I was just thinking this is the greatest time right now, because i know that she’s in great need right now.”

When we delivered the $300 provided by Amigos Restaurant in Monroe, the surprise brought a smile to Kayse’s face.

“I knew they were trying to get me out of the house,” Kayse said. “But i didn’t know why…thank you so much.”

Kayse says the money means so much after what she’s been through.

“It takes some stress off….I had to quit my job because I got sick, so it helps a lot,” she said.

And while money is important, she says she’s blessed to have something even greater helping her through this time.

“Well the positive thing is, I guess I’ve had more faith,” Kayse said. “My faith is gotten stronger, so that’s good. And my family’s come behind me and it made me realize how blessed i am, and how precious life is.”

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