Pay It Forward: Pitbull rescue gets surprise donation

Pay it Forward

Sick animals can be costly, especially for rescue organizations.

It’s that reality that promoted Sissy Santiny to nominate Bayou Bully Rescue for this week’s Pay It Forward.

The group is a local non-profit that helps save pitbulls and other Bully breeds.

“These ladies really give up a lot to help these dogs,” said Santiny. “I’ve seen it personally and i don’t think the community realizes it and I really think if the community were to reach out  and help a little bit, it would make a huge difference.” 

April Correro works closely with Bayou Bully as both  a volunteer and foster parent. She was on hand to accept the $500 donation on behalf of Hixon Ford, Hogan Insurance and Twin City Outdoor. 

“It’s absolutely awesome! Without money you don’t have foundation. You can’t rescue dogs. You can’t pay vet bills. You can’t afford to feed them or house them, ” said Correro.

On top of all of financial challenges, rescue efforts for this particular breed can be even more difficult. Correro says it’s the incorrect stereotypes about the temperament of pitbulls that creates limitations. 

“Most shelters will not accept pits,” said Correro. “I personally have been bit by more Chihuahuas than I have pitbulls. But it’s all about the way you raise them. If mean, bad people are raising a dog, they are going to act the way their surroundings are.” 

Correro immediately put the donation to good use, paying off a portion of a bill at Cooper Veterinary Hospital. 

April also says, any amount can be a part of the effort. “A dollar helps. If everyone gave a dollar. That goes a long way. Please help,” said Correro.  

The group will hold a yard sale to raise funds on Saturday, April 1, 2017 in West Monroe at 308 West Restful Homes Road. 

For more information you can also visit,

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