Pay It Forward: One Sterlington Man Helps a Colleague In Need

Pay it Forward
When Eddie English spotted us Wednesday in Monroe he rolled down his car window, eager to tell us why he was stopping. 

“I’d like to pay it forward,” said English. 

Had he taken his normal route home, he may have missed us and might have missed the opportunity to make the day of his passenger Jimmy Rowland; a friend who he frequently take to doctor’s appointments. 

“Well I took him to an appointment this morning at Conway hospital for his diabetes and stuff and we were getting ready to go back to Sterlington  and I decided to come down North 6th street, ” he said. 

The route was a short cut and the timing was perfect. 

“We were just talking and Jimmy said ‘man I have to go borrow some money to help pay for this medicine. I’ve already gotten some from my brother. But I’ve got to borrow some money to help pay for this medicine’ ” recalled English.

“By that time I looked up I saw the sign and I remembered it from months ago when I saw it on television,” he added.

Jimmy Rowland received the $300 donation on behalf of Hixson Ford and the North East Louisiana Cancer Institute.

He says he was caught off guard by the gesture. 

“I really didn’t see you until Eddie said it” he recalled.

“I said ‘what are you stopping for’ and then he told me, said Rowland. “I looked and saw you and said ‘oh that’s what it is.’ So I didn’t know, it shocked me” 

The donation will alleviate some of the financial strain for Rowland, a senior who is on a fixes monthly income. 

“I don’t have too much money left out of my little check that I have, trying to buy this and every thing else.”  said Rowland.  “Its going to help me a lot.” 

With two and a half weeks until Christmas, English’s generosity to his friend reminds us all what is easy to forget during the holidays.  

“Its a pleasure to give, because it’s better to give than to receive,” says English. 


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