Pay it Forward: Giving back to the Cancer Foundation League

Pay it Forward

Delivering joy to cancer patients one basket at a time, the Cancer Foundation League is being recognized for going above and beyond just in time for the holidays.

“On behalf of the Hixson family Twin City Outdoors we are so excited to give you this $500 for the Cancer Foundation League. Thank you so much.”
“I really appreciate this donation it’s going to go very far with our patients,” says Jada Ali, Cancer Foundation League.

Serving nearly 400 patients in 13 parishes this year, the group is continuing to bring happiness to patients during troubling times. 

“When we go to deliver these baskets and the patients come to the door. They are so excited they start crying. Sometimes we are the only people they have seen all year,” says Ali.

Cyndi Foust is more than a volunteer. She knows first hand how important the services are to those who need them.  

“I am a breast cancer survivor since 2009 and this is what I wanted to do to pay it forward  to help other cancer patients,” says Cyndi Foust, Volunteer.

Foust says they have never turned away a patient and hopefully will never have to. 

“There are just so much with the cancer patients. There are a lot of things and details we have patients services which there are different categories for nutrition, traveling. If they are out of work we help with their utilities,” says Foust.

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