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(12/9/2019) — The big question is will Republican leaders and Governor Edwards be able to find common ground or will there be division for the next four years?
Republican Jay Morris won the State Senate District 35 seat from Jim Fannin. Morris says compromise is possible.

“On areas where we can agree, I’m sure that there will be some legislation that republicans will support in a bipartisan manner, just depends on what it is,” Morris said.

State Representative Patrick Jefferson, a Democrat out of district 11, says he is optimistic of what the state and Governor Edwards will be able to accomplish during his next term.

“He has the tenacity, as well as the acumen, to be able to reach across our party lines and to do what’s best for the great state of Louisiana,” Jefferson said.

On the other hand, Morris says if there are disagreements on details, Republican leaders won’t back down.

“I don’t see the governor succeeding in pushing anything thru that would be considered left wing or liberal with such a Republican dominated legislature,” Morris said.

Governor Edwards has already clashed with republican leaders in the past regarding topics such as Medicaid, taxes, and budgeting. With the state government looking more like the White House, this could make it difficult for the two parties to come to terms.

“And I’m sure going forward that this Governor is still going to roll up his sleeves,” Jefferson said. “He’s still going to invite Republicans, Democrats, Independents, to sit at a table such as this, to come up with policies, laws, that will benefit not just a few of Louisiana, but all of Louisiana.”

Once Republican leaders decide if their approach with Governor Edwards will be divided or if they can find common ground the tone will be set for the next four years.

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