TRUMP SUPPORTERS: Mother and sons kicked out of rally…but the reason is unclear

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MONROE, LA (11/10/19)– A set of twins are speaking out after being kicked out of President Trump’s rally last week. They say they’re not mad at Trump, but the security guard, who they say took matters into his own hands. The mother says it’s unclear on why they were kicked out but there’s a couple of scenarios that come to mind. One being a disability and the other being their race.

“I wasn’t there for me, I was there for them because they went online and got the tickets by themselves,” said Julie Montgomery, Mother.

Tickets to see the President of the United States, but after waiting over 10 hours to see President Donald Trump in Monroe, this family was kicked out…but why?

“We were confused like maybe we did something wrong, we didn’t understand why they were making us leave,” said Titus Montgomery, Son.

Wednesday, the Montgomery twins and their mother stood in line at the Monroe Civic Center since 8 a.m. Waiting for the president to hold a rally for Republican Candidate for Governor Eddie Rispone.

“Yeah, I was real excited and happy because I’m a huge Trump supporter and I like him a lot,” said Titus.

Once doors opened at 4 PM, the Montgomery family picked their spots right in front of the stage where it was standing room only. But after waiting in line all day, the boys and others around them sat down.
That’s when they say a security guard with the Trump detail asked everyone to get back up….and they did. As time went on, people began to sit back down so the boys did the same.

“The security guard walked up to them and said “you two need to leave.” I stepped in because I don’t think he knew that we were together and I said “there is other people sitting on the floor, why are you picking them.” He said you’re being belligerent, now you all need to leave,” said Julie.

Julie Montgomery says her sons were possibly being singled out because the boys were wearing their hoods. She says being autistic, crowds make them anxious.

“I tried to explain that to him and that’s one of the reasons they sit with their hoods up and their head down. The crowd effects them and he was like, “well if they don’t like crowds they shouldn’t be here anyways.” said Julie.

She also thinks the boys were kicked out because of the color of their skin…
“They were the only two black people sitting on the floor,” said Julie.

Though the boys were disappointed, they say they will be voting for him in 2020

“No, I still love Trump,. I like Trump a lot. Hes one of my favorite Presidents we’ve had,” said Titus.

The family has written a letter to the Trump Administration asking why this happened. We have also reached out to the administration for answer, we are waiting to here back.

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