BATON ROUGE, La. (NEXSTAR) – Tonight, Governor John Bel Edwards, Congressman Ralph Abraham and Businessman Eddie Rispone faced off in a statewide televised Louisiana Governors debate.

They touched on issues surrounding abortion, gun control and infrastructure in the state of Louisiana.

U.S. Rep. Ralph Abraham tangled with Edwards most directly Thursday night. At points during the debate, the two men talked over each other in disagreements.

The debate is over but there are a few moments that we are sure people will be talking about through election day.

1.) Governor Edwards won’t cut taxes right now, however the other candidates would.

 Abraham accused the Democratic incumbent of repeatedly turning to “taxes, taxes, taxes” from the state’s already strapped citizens. At one point, Edwards told Abraham: “You are just 100% false.”

2.) We found something that all three candidates agree on. Abortion and Guns.

The three men agreed on a few points. None supported limitations on semiautomatic weapons. All backed abortion restrictions without exception for victims of rape or incest.

3.) Abraham defends why he’s missed 44% of his congress votes.

4.) Is Rispone an outsider?

Rispone was questioned about the fact that he considers himself an outsider but gives a lot of money in support of different initiatives.

5.) Candidates can’t agree on Medicaid.

Thursday’s debate was aired statewide, filmed before an audience of hundreds of people on Louisiana State University’s campus.

The election is Oct. 12.

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