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(KTVE/KARD) – Early voting for the July election period begins today, Saturday June 20.

The early voting period will include extra days as well as safety precautions for coronavirus.

According to Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin, the early voting period will extend through July 4th which is 6 extra days due to coronavirus and election workers will regularly wipe down voting booths.

Despite the extra precautions, masks are still recommended and voting booth workers will offer hand sanitizer prior to voting.

The Louisiana Presidential Primary, one of the latest to take place in the nation, has been postponed twice due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Louisiana Democratic Presidential Nominees are as follows:

  • Michael Bennet
  • Joseph R. Biden
  • Michael R. Bloomberg
  • Steve Burke
  • “Pete” Buttigieg
  • John K. Delaney
  • Tulsi Gabbard
  • Amy Klobuchar
  • Deval Patrick
  • Bernard “Bernie” Sanders
  • “Tom” Steyer
  • Elizabeth Warren
  • “Robby” Wells
  • Andrew Yang

The Louisiana Republican Presidential Nominees are as follows:

  • Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente
  • “Bob” Ely
  • Matthew John Matern
  • Donald J. Trump (Incumbent)
  • Bill Weld

There are also multiple local races that are being held as well which can be viewed below.

The Louisiana Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee have an election for the 20th Representative District, Office “A”. The candidates are:

  • Sondra Cooley-Redmon (Dem)
  • Edwina Eley (Dem)

The 21st Representative District for Office “B” is holding an election as well. The candidates are:

  • C. Travis Johnson (Dem)
  • Moses Williams (Dem)

There will be multiple mayoral elections to be voted on as well as Alderman positions.

The Mayoral candidates for the Town of Clayton are listed below:

  • Josephine Washington (Dem) (Incumbent)
  • Wilbert Washington (Ind)

The Mayoral candidates for the Town of Ferriday are listed below:

  • Gene Allen (Dem)
  • Glenn Henderson (Dem)
  • Sherrie Jacobs McMahon (Dem)
  • Rydell Turner (Dem)

The Town of Ferriday also has multiple Alderman Positions that are being voted on as well.

Alderman District A:

  • Brandi Bacon (Dem)
  • Wayne Roberts (Rep)
  • Shana “Pouncey” Skipper (Dem)

Alderman District B:

  • Elijah “Stepper’s” Banks (Dem)
  • Margaret J. Glasper (Dem)
  • Devonte “Tay” Schiele (NoPty)
  • Ahren Williams (Dem)

Alderman District C:

  • Sharone Denise “Shanice” Goodman (Dem)
  • Sandra “Gail” Pryor (Dem)
  • Emma “PuPu” Skipper (Dem)

Alderman District D:

  • Andre J. Keys (Dem) (Incumbent)
  • Patricia “Martin” Williams (Dem)
  • Johnnie “Rip” Woodruff (Dem)

Alderman District E:

  • Essie Green (Dem)
  • Gloria J. Lloyd (Dem) (Incumbent)
  • David Turner (Ind)

The Mayoral candidates for the Town of Vidalia are listed below:

  • Hyram Copeland (Ind.)
  • “Buz” Craft (Dem) (Incumbent)

The Town of Vidalia is holding an election for the Chief of Police. The candidates are listed below:

  • Frank Duson, Jr. (Ind)
  • Arthur K. Lewis (Dem)
  • “Joey” Merrill (Ind) (Incumbent)
  • “Chris” Stricklin (NoPty)

The Town of Vidalia is also holding an election for Alderman. The candidates are listed below:

Alderman District 1:

  • Rosa Irving Demby (Dem)
  • Joseph “BoBo” McCoy (Dem)

Alderman District 2:

  • Robert Lee Gardner, Jr. (Dem) (Incumbent)
  • Raymond Murray (Rep)
  • “Jamie” Walsworth (Rep)

Alderman District 3:

  • Jon Betts (Rep) (Incumbent)
  • Sabrina Dore (Rep) (Incumbent)
  • “Chris” King (Rep)
  • “Tommy” Probst (Rep) (Incumbent)
  • Brent Smith (Rep)

The City of Monroe is holding an election for Mayor. The City of Monroe Mayoral Candidates are listed below:

  • L. Marie Brown (Dem)
  • Friday Ellis (Ind)
  • Fredrick Lewis (Dem)
  • “Jamie” Mayo (Dem)
  • Ronnie Scott (LBT)

The City of Monroe is also holding elections for Councilman Positions. The candidates are listed below:

District 2:

  • Gretchen Ezernack (Rep) (Incumbent)
  • Jackie S. Slack (Dem)

District 3:

  • Alicia “Cocoa” McCoy Calvin (Dem)
  • Juanita G. Woods (Dem) (Incumbent)

District 4:

  • Carday Marshall, Sr. (Dem)
  • Jesse Smith (Dem)
  • Jesse Walker (Dem)
  • Trandon Welch (Dem)

District 5:

  • Kema Dawson (Dem)
  • Chresancia “Chee-Chee” Jackson (Dem)
  • Kevin Johnson (Dem)
  • Eugene Payne, Jr. (Dem)
  • Dewayne Wooten (Dem)

The Ouachita Parish Democratic Parish Executive Committee is also holding an election. The candidates are listed below:

At Large:

  • Charla Burns
  • Tonya Hunter
  • Frederick Jones
  • “Pat” Morris
  • John Roa
  • Michael Thompson, Sr.

District F:

  • Laura Hennen
  • Lonnie Hudson

The Ouachita Parish Republican Parish Executive Committee is also holding an election. The candidates are listed below:

At Large:

  • Wade Bishop
  • Stewart Cathey
  • Michael Echols
  • Sherra Fertitta
  • Kristi Jones
  • Derek S. Kennedy

District A:

  • Luke Hodnett
  • “Dickie” Jackson

District B:

  • Kenda Reed
  • Scotty Waggoner

District C:

  • Misti Cordell
  • George Gladney IV

The Town of Richwood is also holding an election for Aldermen Positions. The candidates are listed below:

  • Eric Amaker (Dem)
  • Wysinger Cleveland (Dem) (Incumbent)
  • Janice Fleming (Dem) (Incumbent)
  • Leola G. Keys (Dem) (Incumbent)
  • Ernest Profit (Rep)
  • Simeon Profit (Ind) (Incumbent)
  • Wilbert Reed, Jr. (Dem)
  • Donald Richard (Dem) (Incumbent)
  • Bengie Ward (Dem)

Richland Parish is also holding a poll for the Hospital Service District #1-A. The voting poll is regarding the 10.47 Mills Property Tax.

According to the proposition, The Hospital Service District No. 1-A of Richland Parish will continue to levy and collect a special tax of ten and forty-seven hundredths (10.47) mills on all property subject to taxation in the District.

The mills will represent a 2.57 mills increase over the 7.900 mills that are authorized to be levied through the 2020 year.

This tax is said to be used for the purposes of constructing, maintaining, improving and operating the hospital facilities in the District, including the purchasing of equipment.

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