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UPDATE 9:30 (10/01/19)– Louisiana is 4 days into early voting and some are waiting till October 12, election night. Before you go cast your vote, you should know there will be 4 constitutional amendments on the ballot. Sometimes reading the amendments can feel like trying to understand a different language. As your local election headquarters, we want to make sure you understand what your voting for.

The October 12th election will have 4 constitutional amendments up for vote. The first amendment would prohibit property taxes on raw materials, goods, and stored items that are headed to the gulf.

Supporters say for years businesses thought this offshore area was exempt, until it was called into question. This will just add clarification between businesses and the court.
Opponents say the parishes that collect the taxes -need the revenue. In addition, some oil rigs are already exempt and Louisiana doesn’t need more tax breaks.

The 2nd amendment would allow The Education Excellence Fund to finance three more schools and public T.V. Supporters say this adds more schools to serve students and allows the thrive academy, which didn’t exist when the fund was created, to now be included. Opponents say it adds needless detail to the constitution and give extra money to lab schools.

Amendment 3 would allow the Board of Tax Appeals to rule on Constitutional Questions, giving the board more power and bigger duties. Those in favor say since board members are already attorneys with tax law experience- they could make decisions so taxpayers don’t have to go to court. Others say, the board might have less expertise and should just stick to cases on tax and fee disputes.

The final amendment will give New Orleans the ability to create a residential property tax exemption for affordable housing developments.
Some say this will resolve the shortage in affordable housing and retain but also bring in residents. Others say it will benefit developers more than actual home owners.


BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — Louisiana voters will decide the fate of four constitutional changes on the Oct. 12 ballot, and a nonpartisan organization has details about the proposals.

The Public Affairs Research Council of Louisiana, known as PAR, has released its yearly online guide to the constitutional amendments that will appear on the ballot.

The organization warns that this year’s amendment lineup will be “especially challenging” for voters because they are “among the most arcane proposals citizens have faced” on their ballots.

Among this year’s amendments are proposals governing an education fund, a tax appeal board and affordable housing developments in New Orleans.

The PAR guide doesn’t offer recommendations about how to vote but provides the arguments of supporters and opponents of each proposal.

Early voting for the election begins Sept. 28.

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