Worried About Behavior: Center for Children and Families talk resources amid Covid-19


MONROE, La. (04/03/2020) — The fight to contain Covid-19 is ongoing. People are out of jobs, bills are beginning to stack up, the kids are out of school, and pretty much everyone is stressed.! In this event, the stress sees no age, even younger children are beginning to feel the impact of this virus.

“Their focus a lot of times is on what’s going on with their parents and so when parents are stressed about their jobs or about what’s going on in the country at large, they key in on that,” said CEO for The Center for Children and Families, Matthew Thornton.

If you take a look at teenagers, Thornton says their focus is their friends and right now they may not be able to have the interaction they need. The truth is, children may not know how to process it all.

“They may have anger or tantrums, you may notice that they may be depressed, or, down, or sad.”

Matthew Thornton, CEO for The Center for Children and Families

It can look like arguing or violence and even depressive or suicidal thoughts can be a bigger issue than normal.

“­That can be heightened in stressful situations. A lot of times stress can exacerbate those kinds of feelings,” according to Thornton.

Here are some tools:

They Center for Children and Families has switched over to telehealth services and they’ve seen success already!

“We’ve actually found that it’s been easier than we thought. Most families if they’ve got a smartphone, or a tablet, or a laptop, or any type of computer we can connect with them,” said Thornton.

He says it’s about more than just sitting in front of the computer, it’s about creating positive experiences with your family.

Thornton encourages getting a routine and making sure you’re getting your sleep. He also says to eat healthy, because food can contribute to your behavior.

However, most importantly, “Be sensitive to the fact that your kids are going through this just as much as you are,” Thornton said.

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