CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Blanket used to catch toddler from 6-story fall

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CHINA (WCMH/CNN Newsource) — A 3-year-old boy in China was saved by a group of people using a blanket to catch him after he fell six stories. 

In released video, the toddler is shown clinging to the edge of a balcony. 

He tries to get himself back up to the side, but his feet keep slipping.  

As the boy clings to the edge, the neighbors quickly gather below, forming a circle and holding out a blanket.  

The toddler falls towards the pavement but is caught by the blanket and the group holding it. 

The boy was taken to the hospital but suffered no injuries. 

According to police, the boy was left home alone while his grandmother went out to get groceries.  

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