Woman faces jail time for feeding stray cats


(NBC News/WKYC) — (8/4/19) A Garfield Heights, Ohio woman’s big heart for stray cats could land her in the big house, and she says she fears for her safety.

It all started a few years ago when stray cats started coming to 79-year-old Nancy Segula back porch in 2015. Two years later, she lost her two cats and her husband.

She says strays became her comfort and company.

“I guess in a way they kind of make me feel okay, because they’re kitties and I like kitties,” she said. “And when I see little babies, I think how cute they are and everything.”

A few cats turned into 10 at her door a day, waiting for food. They spilled into her neighbor’s yard, who called in the warden.

“I’m an animal lover, and I feel guilty that they’re wandering around out there and they have nothing to eat,” Segula explained. “So I just feel that I need to give them food.”

22 cats were removed from her home before the warden’s trapping attempts became fruitless. The cats learned how to side-step the traps, and with more cats came more violations from the city.

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