WMPD reminds all citizens to lock their car doors


 West Monroe, La. (KTVE/KARD) – West Monroe police say vehicle burglaries tend to spike during the summer season when families are away. Now, WMPD is trying to remind everyone about their 9PM Routine Program. 

WMPD says they want to get all citizens to take part of this program by following a few simple steps such as grabbing your phone and setting up an alarm to remind yourself to remove all valuable items out of the car, and locking all doors..and if you don’t”

“And if it’s unlocked, well then there is the opportunity, and that’s why we really want everyone to do the 9 PM routine.” Says officer of west monroe police department, Mike Karstendiek. 

Officer Karstendeik says car break-ins can happen at any time, but during the summer is when car thieves take advantage the most. 

“You know, statistics do show that burglaries, especially car burglaries, and home invasions do increase during summer months.” Says officer  Karstendiek. “There’s been times where we first come in the morning when people are getting ready for work and school, and then the phones start ringing and say ‘Oh someone has gotten into my car.’; ‘’By the way, someone has gotten into my neighbor’s car.’ And usually the first thing we ask is if it was unlocked, and yes it was.” Says Karstendiek. 

Another officer of West Monroe Police Department, David Lawson, says car burglaries could also happen in any neighborhood. 

“When it comes to hitting one neighborhood, that neighborhood would not be hitted for a while, they’ll go to another neighborhood. And a lot of people think ‘oh this is safe, this will never happen to me’ and that is just not the case. But it is a regular crime that happens, just be quick on locking all your doors.” Says officer Lawson. 

Police officers say doing such a simple thing as locking your doors could make a difference. They also want to remind everyone to check their security cameras making sure they’re working properly.

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