WM business takes creative precautions for a potential Covid-19 shutdown


WEST MONROE, La. (03/17/2020) — One picture at a time Madison Guerriero, Owner of the Nude Nomad, is getting ready to take her store online.

“My dad’s always said expect the unexpected because nothing ever goes as planned.”

Madison Guerriero, Owner of The Nude Nomad

With the spread of Covid-19, Guerriero is doing just like everyone else increasing sanitation: by wiping down counters, cleaning dressing rooms, and having a bottle of hand sanitizer a grab away.

Despite the outbreak, the business has been booming, “I was honestly very surprised, I was thinking Saturday would have been very slow, but it was nonstop,” said Guerriero.

However, as a small business owner, she knows that a potential shutdown could be catastrophic.

“It’s scary to say but a lot of businesses aren’t going to survive. One month could put a lot of people out of business.”

Madison Guerriero, Owner of The Nude Nomad

The reality is shops like the Nude Nomad may have to close, but Guerriero says that’s why creativity is key and she’s changing the way she does business.

“[We’re] Offering Facetime consultations so they can call us, we’ll get on Facetime put together outfits that they may even have in their closet with some of the stuff we may have in store,” she said.

Guerriero is even offering curbside pickup so if the nation is shut down, her business won’t.

“While everyone’s practicing social distancing, they might as well be practicing with their online shopping with local boutiques because retail therapy is the best form of therapy.”

If a shutdown does occur and the Guerriero can’t make deliveries, she says orders will be stopped until it’s safe to resume and her return policy will be extended.

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