Wisner water woes – town applies for large grant for water plant


WISNER, LA (KTVE/KARD) The water treatment plant here in Wisner is not necessarily broken or offline, it’s just starting to show its age. now, this is starting to result in undesirable water for residents of the town.

“Every month I get several phone calls that could be different spots in town. Usually, we know one area maybe would have more of a problem but lately it’s been off and on all over town” says Mayor Marc McCarty of the Town of Wisner.

He is already jumping on the opportunity to better the water by securing one of the largest grants the town has ever seen.

“We’re asking for $500,000 to $600,000, going through a local engineering firm that’s in part of the Capital Outlay Budget that the state has so everybody’s wanting a piece of this pie” McCarty said.

This would include adding new filtration media to their large filtration tanks, as well as cleaning the inside of the water tower and plant pipes.

While the grant may not be able to cover all pipes in town, the upgrades are expected to significantly reduce the amount of iron and manganese that causes poor water quality.

“The pipes in town, we can’t do much about at this point but if we can control this, that will help that part so the people have better water going to their house” McCarty said.

McCarty also says that should the town secure the needed grants it could take a year or longer before changes would be made to the system.

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