Winnsboro, Wisner & Gilbert make collective efforts to clean up Franklin Parish


FRANKLIN PARISH (7/29/19) Changes will be coming to Franklin Parish in the coming months thanks to collaborative cleaning efforts.

The city of Winnsboro, the town of Wisner and the village of Gilbert will be continuing to hone in on demolishing blighted buildings, trimming unsightly lawns and removing vehicles with no destinations.

Notices will be going out in the next few weeks to give residents a heads up. Work has already begun to clear some of the homes and vehicles, and overgrown lawns will be cut either privately or though the city, town or village.

Not only will the clean up allow for a face lift, but it will also improve the quality of life for residents and increase property values.

Mayor Marc McCarty says Wisner experiences a unique issue; abandoned vehicles. While the town does have some blighted homes and overgrown lawns as well, he will focus on removing old vehicles to enhance the beauty of Wisner.

More meetings will also take place over the next few months to check in on the status of progress across the parish.

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