Winnsboro, La. (KTVE/KARD) – Tyrone Coleman has been elected Winnsboro Chief of Police in the April 30 election.

“People have spoken.” Says Police Chief elect, Tyrone Coleman. 

“It’s a great relief, you know. It’s been a three month process with primary and the general elections. It’s a big relief for myself and my family.” Says Coleman. 

Tyrone Coleman secured 51 percent of the votes while Billy Joe Williams secured 49 percent of the people’s votes. 

Coleman plans to meet with potential new officers and present them to the board in hopes to increase law enforcement in the city

“Get a group of names and present them to the board, and make sure they are qualified candidates. That’s the first thing we’re gonna do, it’s to get those numbers up.” Adds Coleman.  

A local resident, Anthony Reyboyent, says he hopes the increase of patrols can help decrease juvenile crimes. 

“Yeah, I think we need more police officers around. They help with the crime and maybe we can get a playground back on control with drugs and other crimes. More officers will be necessary. ” Says Reyboyent.

Coleman, who has over 20 years of background experience in public safety and corrections, says enforcing curfew to help minimize juvenile crimes is one of his main goals.

“And hopefully that will curb some. There are a lot of youngsters here with guns, and I think we can identify them because the town is small. We want to identify who receives the gun and target those, hopefully it will slow things down.” Explains Coleman. 

Reyboyent says he hopes a new chief of police will  bring changes for the better 

“You got crimes going on like at 2 and 3 o’clock in the morning. And there are no officers to patrol and don’t do anything about and get away with it.” Says Reyboyent. 

Coleman is expected to take office on July 1st.