WINNSBORO, La. (KTVE/KARD) — Two candidates continue in the runoff election for chief of police in Winnsboro for the April 30th election. 

The election results for the March 26, 2022 elections show candidate Tyrone Coleman received the most votes with 49 percent.

Billy Joe Williams followed with 39 percent eliminating incumbent Willie Pierce who received 12 percent of the citizens votes. 

Coleman has over 20 years of background experience in public safety and corrections. He says this is a huge plus for a chief of police candidate.

“We feel good about where we are in the campaign at this time. We feel pretty confident.” Says Tyrone Coleman.  

Coleman says two of the present problems include juvenile crime. 

“That’s one of the problems we are gonna aggressively protect. It’s getting the guns out of the juveniles’ hand.” He says 

“There are already things in the books to deal with juveniles such as curfew. We can enforce those, but we gotta make sure we get everyone on board.” Coleman explained. 

Another issue Coleman intends to address is to unify the local law enforcement.

“We have a divide between the Sheriff department and the police department, and that should rectify itself.” Says Coleman. 

Unifying the local law enforcement is also part of the plan for opponent candidate Billy Joe Williams who’s been in law enforcement for almost 30 years.

“Where there is unity there is strength, and we need that strength and that unity.” Says Williams. 

“I’m not just gonna be sitting in the office. I want the people to know who I am and where they can come to.” He added. 

Williams says a heavy presence of law enforcement will be implemented in all areas including parks and local businesses.

“The main part of anything there needs security, someone who knows the law. And where there is law presence it can slow things down.” Says Williams

Williams says reducing juvenile crime is one of his main focus. He says increasing law presence is a start.

“The juveniles carrying guns, we got to work on that. And that drug problem.” Explained Williams.