Winnfield woman sues Winnfield Police for damages after losing an eye


WINNFIELD (10/30/19) — Tanisha White, a woman who lost an eye after an encounter with Winnfield Police, is suing the department for punitive damages.

In a lawsuit filed Wednesday, the suit asks for monetary compensation for damages. The suit alleges the officer in question, Justin Curry, was not properly trained and failed to effectively handle the incident with White on November 5, 2018.

The lawsuit says that Curry fired his JPX Peper Spray Gun within five feet of White, which ultimately resulted in the loss of sight in her eye.

“What we hope to accomplish beyond getting our client compensated is to add to the statewide and national conversation to excessive force cases as it relates to people and in particular people of color.”

Ronald Haley, Tanisha White’s Lawyer

Through an investigation done by Louisiana State Police, it found that White lost her vision after being pepper-sprayed and as a result falling to the ground. Curry was cleared of any wrongdoing.

“We don’t have any confidence in that statement. I think the gravity of injuries could certainly could note that a whole lot more happened out there.”

Dedrick Moore, Tanisha White’s Lawyer

NBC 10/FOX 14 has reached out to the Winnfield Police Department in regards to this filing, they say everyone has a right to file a lawsuit.

“Anybody who files a lawsuit has to leave it up to the courts to decide if there’s any validity to it.”

Charles Curry, Public Information Officer, Winnfield Police

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