FRANKLIN PARISH, La. (KTVE/KARD – The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries intends to extend the feeding and exporting ban in response to a single deer testing positive for Chronic Wasting Disease. 

On May 27, 2022,The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries scheduled a public hearing at the Louisiana Experiment Station where local hunters, farmers, feed retailers, meat processors, and taxidermists shared how this government regulations could negatively impact them. 

Adam Faulk, a local farmer, says these bans, that could possibly be extended to cover the 2022-2023 Hunting Season, could immensely hurt his business.  

“From a farmer aspect, I sell a good bit of corn every year to deer hunters. I sell several thousands of brussels of my own corn to deer hunters. So, this is going to have somewhat of a negative impact on me also,” said Faulk. 

“My concern is that they’re not just going to do it for one Hunting Season, but they’re going to make it forever,” said president of a local hunter club, Paul Bartleson. “That’s my fear. And if it is, it’s just going to domino from one Parish to the next Parish to the next Parish until it’s statewide,” said Bartleson. 

The Wildlife Feed Ban and Carcass Export Ban on Franklin Parish comes after a single deer testing positive for Chronic Wasting Disease was found near the Mississippi River in Tensas Parish. 

Doyle Robinson, a local hunter, says their income could be negatively impacted as hunters who travel from down South come to lease their land here in Northeast Louisiana. 

“The last thing that hunters and the people of Northeast Louisiana want is for us to completely ignore and play like the disease doesn’t exist,” said Robinson. “I think it’s a very important meeting and we’re not going to stop tonight. 

At this time there is not a set date for when the bans will expire.