Who’s the most vulnerable to COVID-19?


OUACHITA PARISH, La (03/12/20) — Many hospitals and nursing homes around the country are starting to limit visitation hours simply because of those who are most vulnerable to the virus, are the elderly.

Experts say 80% of people who get coronavirus will have cases that are mild and might not even go to the hospital. The other 20% could need hospitalization or further evaluation. Doctors say the most at-risk people to catch the virus are the older generation. The president even mentioned this in his address to the country.

“The elderly population must be very, very careful,” said Donald Trump, President of the United States.

“We are concerned about older population, older people who might have chronic illnesses such as heart disease, lung disease,” said Robert Hart, Chief Medical Officer at Ochsner Health.

Doctors also say those with a weak immune system are more vulnerable so it’s important to stay healthy and keep up the immunity in your body. They say limiting interaction with those who are vulnerable is a big way to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

“So I think any efforts to take to minimize exposure to that population would be great. And again, I would also stress…washing your hands…frequently,” said Hart.

In addition to washing hands, Doctor Hart also says masks are not as necessary as you might think. “Currently at this time, in the public, people do not need to be wearing a mask, certainly in the healthcare setting, there are recommendations about who should be wearing a mask and who shouldn’t,” said Hart. Experts say the precautions are only going to rise as more cases pop up.

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