What to do if YOU encounter a deer while driving


As the weather gets cooler and the leaves begin to fall, one animal can come out of nowhere in the blink of an eye.

“You never know where you’ll encounter animals and it may not just be deer, it could be anything. It could be bears,” said Louisiana State Police Tropper Michael Reichardt.

In the case of the deer, cooler temps make them more likely to show their faces in wooded areas and even on the highway. If one jumps out at you, here’s what you can do, “Try to slow down and avoid the deer but don’t jerk the wheel and run off the road,” said Reichardt.

CarProUSA also says if the deer is unavoidable hit it without hitting the breaks, use your horn, don’t swerve and use your high beams when safe.

Tropper Reichardt also says to be mindful of your speed.

“You can outdrive yourself and your headlights if you’re driving too fast. You may not see something as well as you would if you were driving slowly.”

However, if you do hit a deer and you’re able, get off the road to a safe place, turn your flashers on and call for help.

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