What makes a plane fall from the sky? Experts say three factors must be considered


MONROE, La. (02/07/2020) — You take planes to get from point A to point B and you expect to make it there safely. Unfortunately, that hasn’t been the case for some here in Louisiana as we’ve seen four plane crashes in the last six months.

“The accidents that do occur are generally, there’s been a mistake made by someone,” said Pilots for Patients Vice President, Philip Coyne.

From the mechanic that inspects the plane to the pilot, Philip Coyne admits, accidents happen. However, he says there are Federal Aviation Administration rules in place to make accidents less likely to occur. Coyne says it comes down to pilot competency.

“In any kind of emergency situation the Park 91 FAA rules allow the pilot to deviate from any of the rules to ensure that the flight is handled safely,” he says.

Weather conditions are another factor, “General aviation aircraft generally fly lower and are more affected by the weather than the big jets, which tend to fly above the weather.”

Aircraft maintenance is the final factor and these are the guidelines the National Transportation Safety Board follows during crash investigations.

Coyne says the need to make it home for a soccer game or a family dinner can lead to accidents.

“Rather than look at the weather or determine that the aircraft is not quite up to snuff, they get, get-there-itis and they take off. The next thing you know, you have bad consequences because of that.”

Philip Coyne, VP, Pilots for Patients

More often than not, Coyne says the responsibility is on the pilot.

“The pilot competency and being able to fly under instrument conditions where you cannot see the ground or the sky, that boils down to a pilot’s competency.”

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