West Ouachita Transit System will continue to offer rides for elderly, appointments, essential employees


WEST MONROE, LA (03/25/20) The West Ouachita Transit System operates differently than other systems in the twin cities, as riders have to set up an appointment to ride. While it is popular amoung seniors, it is open to the general public, providing rides to a wide variety of different destinations.

Due to the effects of COVID-19, they have restricted rides to crucial destinations, only serving those who are most risk of catching the virus. Anyone can be taken to a doctors appointment, but grocery store transportation is limited to seniors only.

“We can pick up patients for medical appointments and dialysis, this is not only for seniors but for the general public. This also includes your pharmacy needs. “That’s for those 60 years old and older, and they can go to the grocery store, however, we are strongly encouraging and deciding to bring seniors during those designated shopping hours.” ” says Courtney Hornsby, Chief of Staff with West Monroe’s Mayor’s Office.

They can also take essential employees to work, and they’e making sure each ride is safe for everyone.

“We are socially distancing our ridership and doing assigned seats that they can’t sit next to each other. We are regularly sanitizing our seats and we are giving out hand sanitizer making sure that they, not only our drivers but also those who are riding, our passengers are taking precautions” she says.

The transit station also serves as a Meals on Wheels distribution center. Despite it’s current closure, the system is taking extra steps to make sure everyone is fed.

“Our transit system is delivering those meals once a week to those who participate in that meals on wheels program” she says.

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