WEST MONROE HIGH SCHOOL: Hoodie ban sparks conversation about school safety


WEST MONROE, LA (11/13/19)– With a dress code change at West Monroe High School, parents and students say they are working together to get it changed back and offer alternatives to make the school a safer place.

West Monroe High School says they are working hard to improve the school’s safety, and they started with banning hoodies. They say kids were wearing the hoods over their heads, even when asked to pull them down, causing safety concerns.

“There was an incident where two men came on campus. The security measure of having a hoodie over their head, they can’t identify whether it’s an actually student or another gunman.” said Megan Hobbs Randall, a WMSH parent.

This is leaving many students worried for their classmates who may have to spend money for new jackets. “What about the kids who can’t afford to go buy new clothes or only have hoodies,” said Lanee Hobbs, a sophomore at WMHS.

With staying warm and safety on everyone’s mind, one parent decided she wanted to help students keep their hoodies and in exchange strengthen the security. “What is it that we could help them do to possible keep the hoodies and get the safety features that they need for West Monroe High School.” said Megan Hobbs Randall.

After Hobbs talked with the assistant principal and the superintendent, there are three key security updates the school needs in order to consider allowing hoodies to be worn with restrictions. “Our kid’s safety is number 1 and the world is just not the same. People are crazy and we already had a big scare already this year, I definitely don’t want to see that happen again.” said Megan Hobbs Randall.

Security locks on all the doors, new fencing around the school, and school I.D.’s. This would allow school officials to identify students and those who shouldn’t be there. “Hopefully we get enough money to go towards I.D.’s so we can wear them around our necks, so they know that we are students here and get hoodies back,” said Lanee Hobbs, Sophomore at WMHS.

Parents say they will start raising money for these security details. Lanee Hobbs, a students at West Monroe High School, has started a petition to allow students to wear their hoodies while at school. CLICK HERE TO SIGN

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