WEST CARROLL PARISH, La. (KTVE/KARD) – On Monday, July 11, the West Carroll Parish School Board held its first official meeting with the parents and teachers after shutting down the school about a month ago.

Members of the school board voted to close Epps High School due to a shortage of credentialed teachers. Epps High School will become a kindergarten through sixth-grade school.

Epps’s parents said they provided the board with a list of potential certified and non-certified teachers willing to stay in the Parish to help keep the school open, but the board failed to proceed.

According to the school board, the school budget to hire more teachers is partially another reason for the closure of Epps High School. Members of the board also said they couldn’t keep the school open with only two of the three certified teachers they needed.

Ashley Harrington is one of the parents who attended the meeting, and she says she is disappointed with the decision made by the board.

“We are really upset. They chose to close our school after we provided them with at least two of the three certified teachers they requested, which they said they couldn’t find. They found zero, but we found two.”

“They said they needed teachers in the classroom, so parents suggested that they could rotate teachers throughout the Parish, but they said no. Then parents asked if they could do virtual, and they said no.”

Harrington says parents suggested to the school board that they could have a teacher’s assistant in the classroom while another teacher from another school zooms in and teaches the kids.

“But that was also a no. So it was a no all the way around. I feel like they have already made out their mind before they even walked into the building.”

Harrington says she and her family are considering relocating to another town.