LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – It’s a bird,  it’s a plane, its… Well, what was it? 

Several folks took to social media last night and early this morning after a loud, unexplained boom was heard near downtown and the North Little Rock area. 

“I was in bed when I heard it around 9:30 or 10,” says kindergarten teacher, Rickki Benton. “My dog got up and ran to the window and was barking.” 

While some thought it might have been F/A-18 fighter jets passing through. Others feared the worst. 

“My family has served and have been to war – at one point I thought we might be under attack,” says Colette Young. “I just want to know what it is so the next time I hear the sound I am not so startled. 

A spokesperson with the Clinton National Airport said the airport had no information on the arrival of the F/A-18 or an explanation for the loud sound. 

It is not uncommon for military aircraft to stop in Arkansas’ Capitol without the city being made notified, according to Lt. Hunter Rininger, public affairs officer for Little Rock Air Force Base. 

“We don’t have any knowledge relating to the strange noise,” says Lt. Rininger.