LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Locked up in a room for 48 hours. It’s not all fun and games… or is it? 

That’s exactly what students at The University of Arkansas at Little Rock will be doing starting Friday, Jan. 25 at 5 p.m. for the annual software development event called, Global Game Jam. 

“Last year I was here the whole 48 hours. I slept on a couch we had,” says Robbie Hunt, game designer. “I really love creating games and seeing how the world can just come together to do something.” 

Global Game Jam is the world’s largest coding and gaming event that takes place all over the world on 803 different sites and in 108 different countries. 

“This is what the world is about, creating and sharing,” says Olivia Dunlap, a graduate student at UA-Little Rock. 

Last year the event had more than 30,000 people and this year there are nearly 43,000 people expected to participate in the global event. 

“The event is about sharing, creating ideas, and seeing how different cultures interpret the project,” explains Hunt. “For the magnitude and in real time – something like this wouldn’t have been able to have been done not even 10 years ago.” 

Both the design and coding skills are important in game development, the event’s organizers encourage anyone interested in games to participate.

The students and participants say that although this one event isn’t something that is life-changing, the interaction and products that formulate from the event can leave lasting global impacts. 

“It’s fascinating,” adds Hunt. “It’s impactful because it’s about innovation and coming together – especially at a time like this.” 

For more information about  Global Game Jam, click here.