HAVANA, Ark. – Batman, Robin, Superman and even Wonder Woman. 

Registration has officially opened up for the Annual River Valley Superhero 5k, in Russellville. 

The race helps honor a different child in the community each year. The goal is to raise awareness for children who are battling cancer and to continue bringing the community together while helping those affected financially.

“This is breathtaking,” says Tiffany Watkins, mother of Zayley. 

Zayley Watkins, 4, has been battling a cancerous cyst found in her throat since she was born. Zayley was born six weeks premature and spent the first bit of her life in the NICU at the Arkansas Children’s Hospital (ACH), followed briefly by a stay at St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center. 

“When she was born I noticed she had a hard time eating and swallowing,” explains Watkins. “She spent a lot her childhood in the hospital.” 

Several cysts were removed from her throat at 14 months, and then again at age 4. However, each time the cysts were removed they came back cancerous. 

“She’s strong because if I were here I would be at a breaking point,” says Watkins. “There isn’t a day goes by that I don’t hope for her to be healthier.” 

Her most recent procedure was in December of 2018 where doctors removed a large number of cysts in her throat. 

“We are still waiting for the testing to be complete and a final diagnosis to determine if all the cancer is gone,” says Watkins. 

Although Watkins says she doesn’t run she plans to take part in the race. 

“I have to be strong for her and my other kids,” says Wakins. “You have to have faith – this tests your faith for sure.” 

The race will be held on Saturday, May 25. 

For more information or to register for the 7th Annual River Valley Superhero 5k click the link here.