WATERPROOF, La. (KTVE/KARD) – The Tensas Water Distribution Association received $10 million in funding, of which $4.5 million will go towards Waterproof’s water infrastructure.

Waterproof mayor Jarrod Bottley said Tensas Water has been operating at its minimum capacity because of the declining population.

He said this new funding will be used to expand its operation by 300 percent.

“They will be able to establish a reserve tank so in the event of repairs or freezing temperatures that cause some mechanics to go out, we can always get back online much faster. We already have high pressure from that reserve tank, so that’s how Waterproof will benefit.”

Bottley said these past holidays the village of Waterproof didn’t have water for days.

“This past Christmas Eve we didn’t have water for days. People can’t wash, people can’t bathe. So, this new tank will alleviate that problem that will be out for days and it will be able to feed from there.”

“It’s great because it’s a positive thing that they bring to the town and you know we really need that,” said Gerard Harvey, a resident.

Mayor Bottley said he hopes this crucial need can make an impact in the community.

“The people of Tensas need it, the people of Waterproof deserve it. It has restored the necessity of life that people need.”

Waterproof citizens can expect this project to start in the Fall.