WATCH: Governor John Bel Edwards gives an update on the state’s response to the winter weather


BATON ROUGE, La. (KTVE/KARD) — Louisiana is in the middle of a historic winter weather event. Governor John Bel Edwards addressed the state’s response to the inclement weather.

Gov. Edwards asked that everyone in Louisiana do what they can to conserve power until tomorrow. There is concern about the amount of energy being consumed and the power grid’s ability to keep up with the demand. The governor suggested keeping your heaters set around 65 to 68, because this could prevent rolling blackouts.

The governor says there are not any rolling blackouts scheduled at this time, but if we can conserve energy then there is a chance we will prevent damage to the power grid and the need for rolling blackouts.

The governor did ask that people check on their relatives and their neighbors, but not to forget that we are still in a pandemic, so stay socially distant and wear a mask if you are going to be around someone who is not in your immediate house hold.

Gov. Edwards asks that everyone stays patient and at home while the roads are still dangerous. However, if you do need to leave your home, you are asked to check for road closures and use extreme caution while driving on ice covered roads.

When the governor opened up the live stream for questions, he was asked about a statewide stay at home order for the winter weather. Gov. Edwards says he will not issue a statewide stay at home order for the winter weather, but he does encourage local governments to issue them if the weather and travel conditions in their area requires such action.

Looking ahead, the governor says the state is preparing for the next round of snowfall by coordinating with all parishes to ensure everything they need is in place. Gov. Edwards is encouraging local governments to open warming shelters in all parishes. The Red Cross is also working with all 64 parishes, according to Gov. Edwards.

When asked about the roads in north Louisiana, Gov. Edwards says it could be a while before all the roads are drive-able, but Tuesday is supposed to be warmer, which could allow the roads to thaw.

The governor also stressed the importance of generator safety. He is encouraging people to leave their generators away from open windows, in a well ventilated space, and not to pour gas into a hot/running generator.

For the latest on the storm, stay with KTVE and KARD, your weather station.

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