MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) – As the cold weather approaches, people in the Arklamiss are gearing up. They say they want to make sure they are prepared for all scenarios.

“The main thing is just make sure you have water and any kind of food and stuff like that,” said Christopher Wright, a resident. “And besides having to get out on icy roads, and plus around the house, I try to make sure all my walkways are cleaned off. And outside pipes, faucets and things like that are hard to repair because it gets so cold.”

Mark Water is another resident in the area, and he says he has everything in stock for this winter weather.

“We have already wrapped up all of our outside pipes, and made sure we got our cars filled up with gas, and got extra water. Food just in case. If the power goes out, we have a home generator, so we are good there. But I know a lot of people aren’t that fortunate.”

And those who don’t have a warm place to stay during these freezing temperatures, Communications Director of the City of Monroe, Michelli Martin, says the Marbles Rec Center in Monroe has opened its door until warmer temperatures are back.

“At this point, we have 50 cots total. We have 29 set up right now and so our capacity is 50 people at this time. If we need to expand, we will see if we can get more cots. We can handle up to 100. We have mre’s that are meals ready to eat that are available for anybody who decides to take advantage of the warming station”

Meanwhile the Morehouse Parish Police Jury has declared a state of emergency and has designated Dotson Park as a warm place to shelter. Meals will be provided throughout the day.

The Morehouse Parish Sheriff’s Office will assist anyone in need of free transportation to the shelter within the parish. The facility will be open from Noon to 9pm for the next few days.

If you need shelter in Monroe, contact the Marbles Rec Center at (318) 329-2447. For free transportation to the Dotson Park shelter, you can contact the Morehouse Parish Sheriff’s Office at (318) 281-4141.