Violent storms pushed through Louisiana leaving trail of destruction in Union Parish


UNION PARISH, LA (1/11/20)– Severe weather struck the ArkLaMiss overnight with high winds and heavy rain that had residents seeking shelter from the storm.

“It is always scary because of the uncertainty of it,” said Tommy Futch, Farmerville Resident. “After seeing what happened in Ruston, about 8 months ago, the power of the weather is just unbelievable.”

After the storm hit Union Parish, clean up started on Highway 15 in Farmerville.

DOTD said they hade been out on Highway 15 since 3:30 Saturday morning. They were cutting up trees that fell across the lanes, directing traffic, and keeping everyone safe.

Highway 15 had multiple power lines down across the road and in the grass. One powerline was taken out by a tree that was uprooted and fell across a resident’s driveway, blocking them in.

While the storm may be over, rain is still trickling in and flooding yards.
We caught up with families in Farmerville who say they were scared when the storm hit.

“I just jumped up and put my hands over my head,” Lisa Mitcham, a Farmerville resident, said. “I ran to the living room and I started hollering for my son saying, ‘It’s here, it’s here, it’s here’.”

When the sun came up Saturday morning, residents began to go outside to see the damage the storm left behind. A big oak tree was completely uprooted in the backyard of a resident’s house in Farmerville. In addition, 3 others were uprooted in his yard and one fell into his home.

“But after all this, God is good and Jesus is Lord,” said Jonny Darnhill, Farmerville Resident. “I said God was with us. We had a tree fall right beside us in my son’s house. I said the Lord was watching over us, Amen,” said Mitcham.

The storm didn’t stop in Farmerville. It continued northeast.

On Highway 33 headed towards Marion, debris had been picked up out of the road and moved into the ditch. However, on the other side of the roadway, a power line pole was blown to the ground. This adds to the amount of work clean up crews are going to have to do later today and maybe even into the week.

Residents throughout Union Parish have said cleaning up will be a community activity as the storms have affected everyone.

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