VIDALIA, La. (KTVE/KARD) – The Vidalia Police Department continues to investigate a vandalism that happened at Vidalia Junior High School on Sunday, June 26, 2022.   

Vidalia Chief of Police, Joey Merrill, told KTVE the police department will soon have real-time access to security cameras from all schools in the city.

“I was just shocked at what three kids of that age could do. I had no idea that they even knew how to do that much destruction,” Merrill said. 

A new security system will be installed at Vidalia Junior High School that will allow the police department to monitor the school in real-time. 

“With this new system, we are gonna have a full screen, and it’s going to come directly here,” Merrill explained. “Where we can monitor it from here just in case there is a malfunction with their alarm system or any other kind, you know, electronic security devices that they might have at the school.”

Merrill says the increase of real-time security cameras will also be installed in more schools.

“This just shows more need of the security cameras in not just that school but all the schools in Concordia Parish.”

Due to the extensive damage of Vidalia Jr. High summer activities were also canceled.

Merrill says damages could be worth thousands of dollars. All three juveniles and their parents have been charged. 

“The kids are the parent’s responsibility, so I believe they both should have and have been charged.”  

All three juveniles are being investigated and given a court date on July 28 for preliminary hearings along with their parents. 

“They are being closely watched by us and their parents, you know. There will be no alarm for anything in the future,” Merrill explained. 

Chief Merrill says security cameras should be definitely in and running by the time schools start in August of 2022.