MOREHOUSE PARISH, La. (KTVE/KARD) – A Morehouse Parish elementary teacher has been arrested by Bastrop Police for allegedly assaulting two young students.

According to the Bastrop police reports, elementary teacher Letha Heckford, has been arrested on Two Counts of Cruelty to a juvenile. 

This comes after one of the victim’s family says they reported the incident on December 7th.  KTVE news spoke with the aunt of one of the kids who is now speaking out. 

“Again, we demand to see the video.” Says one of the victim’s aunt, Chastity Kennedy

“ We’ve been working on this since December 7th. We’ve been adamant about it, making phone calls, sending emails. We’ve been vigilant, so as a parent, as an auntie, I’m furious.” Says Kennedy. 

Kennedy says it makes her upset to see her niece being affected by the situation. 

“She was just really upset.” Says Kennedy. 

“We then took her to the doctor, and she would complain about, you know, her neck hurting, her back hurting. And that was another thing, it was just kinda like, it makes you just even more upset that this baby is complaining because the teacher snatched her purse off of her.” Kennedy added.   

Prior to the arrest of Letha Heckford, Kennedy says the family has been contacting the school principal and other school members for an explanation. But, she says no explanation has been given. 

“I knew, if we didn’t get in front of this and go about it very strategically, that this was gonna be swept under the rug. Clearly we’ve sent out several emails not getting responses, any responses.” She claims. 

Kennedy says the family will continue to demand for answers.

“We’re thankful that the teacher has been arrested; however, we’re still demanding to see the video, but we’re definitely not stopping there.” 

KTVE news reached out to the Morehouse Parish Elementary School principal, but comments were denied at the moment. 

This is a developing story, we’ll keep you updated as we gather more information.