WEST MONROE, La. (8/20/2020)(KTVE/KARD) — The law firm representing Timothy Williams has released a statement after their attempts at viewing the evidence in the case was delayed.

They say that they attempted to schedule a time to view the evidence after the District Attorney’s Office offer on Wednesday, but were informed that the District Attorney will be out of town until next week.

The statement says, in part, “It is our hope that this is not another dilatory tactic as the withholding of the videos and photographs has already cast doubt on the District Attorney’s office and the City of Monroe’s willingness to be truly transparent.”

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This statement is being released by Pleasant, Williams & Banks-Miley Law Group on behalf
of the victim, Mr. Timothy Williams.
We would like to thank the District Attorney’s office for the offer to allow Mr. Timothy
Williams to view the evidence and the outstanding videos and photographs regarding the
excessive force used in this matter. However, when attempting to schedule a time to view the
evidence, we were informed by Assistant District Attorney Aycock that he will be out of town
until next week.
It is our hope that this is not another dilatory tactic as the withholding of the videos and
photographs has already cast doubt on the District Attorney’s office and the City of Monroe’s
willingness to be truly transparent. These dilatory tactics played by each agency leads the
community to further doubt the justice system as a whole. Thus, it has cast a negative impact
on law enforcement and their [SIC] allies. The District Attorney’s office encompasses a staff of more
than enough Assistant District Attorneys, anyone [SIC] of them can assist us in reviewing the
Our viewing of the evidence should not be delayed when the evidence is readily available for
review. The community already has doubt in [SIC] that all of the videos were not released at the same
time. Thus, to delay our review for another week cast more doubt on the veracity and
transparency of law enforcement and the City of Monroe.

UPDATE: (8/19/20)(KTVE/KARD) — The District Attorney’s Office has released a statement regarding the prosecution of MPD Officer Jared Desadier:

They say the Fourth Judicial District Attorney’s Office filed a Bill of Information regarding the charges against Jared Desadier for 1 count of Second Degree Battery and 1 count Malfeasance in Office related to the incident involving the victim, Timothy Wayne Williams.

Desadier was arrested on July 25, 2020, on a warrant issued by the Fourth Judicial District Court for these charges. Baill was fixed by the court at $30,000. The defendant has since made bond and his arraignment is scheduled for August 25, 2020.

The District Attorney’s Office says they’re focused on the successful prosecution of this matter and the District Attorney has met with the attorneys for the victim, Mr. Timothy Williams.

The District Attorney’s Office says Mr. Williams and his attorneys will be kept apprised of and included in the prosecution as directed by the Victim’s Rights Statute. As such, the victim and his attorneys have been contacted to review all relevant evidence, including the video, with the District Attorney’s Office and will be included at every critical stage.

The District Attorney’s Office states that while they understand the public interest in this matter, the DA’s Office, as always, will act in accordance with law and in the interest of maintaining the integrity of the prosecution. A letter recently directed to the City of Monroe requesting the video of the incident not be released was sent to protect prosecution. The role of the DA’s Office is to ensure effective prosecution and provide justice to all victims of crimes. In doing so, we must follow the Rules of Professional Conduct, the Rules of Criminal Procedure, and rules governing victim’s rights.

The DA’s Office says they’re prohibited from making further comments on the matter at this time, as well as any other MPD investigations involving this incident.

The DA’s Office says they’ll provide any additional information when available to the extent allowed by the law.

MONROE, LA (8/13/2020)(KTVE/KARD) — Just a week ago, the Monroe Police Department released bodycam footage from the excessive force case involving Timothy Williams. However, this isn’t enough for Williams attorneys or the community, tonight they stood in front of city hall again…calling for justice.

While there have been multiple protests for Timothy Williams at city halls steps, the community says they won’t stop and the message remains the same, “justice and total transparency.”

“The fact of the matter is there is still a lot of details that need to be revealed, a lot more of body cams, a lot more of the information. We would like to see full transparency and justice actually take the full course,” said DJ Banks, a protester.

“He surrendered that night, but we will not surrender our voice. We will not surrender our rights because we were given that. We are going to continue to say “Justice for Timothy.” I’m going to continue to say “total transparency.” What they are giving me right now is some transparency and I will not be silent,” Banks-Miley, Williams Attorney.

In addition to all body cam footage and the original picture of Williams, the community is asking that everyone involved is held accountable.

“Timothy Williams had to spend 30 days in jail after being beat like he was. All of those involved need to see the other side of those bars too. Justice, that’s justice,” said Katrina Jackson, Louisiana State Senator.

Some protesters say it’s not about black or white, but standing up for the right thing and having your neighbors back…no matter their race or gender.

“Red yellow, black, and white, the song says what? We are all precious in his sight. Timothy Williams represents your brother,” said Protester.

“I thank God for the diversity that I see in the crowd. I thank you for standing with us, but where are the others,” said Protester.

Even if it takes months, a promise was made by Williams attorneys, saying they will continue to fight for justice.

MONROE, LA (8/6/20)– On April 21st Timothy Williams says officers beat him while he was handcuffed. Since then, his attorneys and the community have been asking for transparency during the investigation, allowing the public to see the body cam footage.

“Justice for Timothy, justice for Timothy, we want justice. “

That’s the sound of the community’s reaction to the bodycam footage being released by the Monroe Police Department involving Timothy Williams and MPD officers.

“Well, obviously it was very very disturbing what we saw. If you look closely, you’ll see the kick in the face and other parts of the beating,” said Donecia Banks-Miley, Lead Counsel

In a statement from The City of Monroe, they say, “Transparency regarding the treatment of Mr. Williams has been our over-arching goal since this administration became aware of his encounter with two patrol officers of the Monroe police department. We will keep our process as transparent to the public as possible within the limits of an ongoing criminal and internal affairs investigation.”

While bodycam footage has been released, Timothy’s attorneys say they need more video and pictures of Timothy’s face after the incident happened.

“We’ve only seen a portion of one body cam. We want to clarify that for everyone else. That we only saw a portion of one and then there are at least three to four other bodycams that we are requesting to be released at this time,” said Banks-Miley.

In the video, Williams is seen dropping to the ground and being handcuffed. Later on in the video, another officer kicks Williams in the face. From then on, the video shows the officer with the bodycam on walks away…while Williams is left screaming in the background.

“If you aren’t racist, but then you do things like that, it makes us think you’re racist,” said one protester.

Timothy Williams

With the bodycam footage being released today, Timothy says he is thankful for those who have stood by him from the beginning and believed his story.

“When no one else believed in me, they believed in me. My pastor believed in me when no one else believed in me. This could be anyone else, I could be dead right now. Through the grace of God I’m here,” said Timothy Williams, victim.

Timothy’s counsel says this is just the beginning and they will see it to the end. And it won’t end until police reform is put into place.

“We need a consistent complaint system that needs to be put in place so that people that are afraid to come forward are not afraid to go to the people that work with the same person that may have used the excessive force against them,” said Kristen B. Pleasant, co-counsel.

In The City of Monroe’s press release, they write: “Going forward we plan to release additional information regarding how the complaint was handled providing it does not jeopardize any ongoing investigation.”

Timothy’s lead council, Donecia Banks-Miley, says officer Desadier’s arraignment will be held on August 25th at 9 am at the parish courthouse. She encourages the community to come out and show support for Timothy.