WEST FARMS, the Bronx (WPIX) – A crew of young adults is working on their future career paths and clearing a way to honor soldiers at a cemetery in New York City. 

More than three dozen bags of leaves, clippings and trash had been collected by Tuesday afternoon around West Farms Soldiers Cemetery in the Bronx. 

The interns are working with a nonprofit that was founded in 1972 to help provide comprehensive services for young people.

The Door is a non-profit organization that provides connections, job training and paid internships to young adults around New York City in a variety of fields.

For this assignment, they were learning the craft of landscaping and metal and stone work. They work at places around the city, including parks and other cemeteries.

“We take good care. We get right to it and do what we do. I show respect with my work,” said Oscar Santiago, who was on the job Tuesday.

West Farms Soldiers Cemetery honors military veterans from 1812 to 1917. A sign on the entrance gate says it is a place for reflection.

“We are here to show that someone cares,” said crew member Marquis Hobdy.

They see the accomplishments every day in the before-and-after changes.

“I was motivated to clean it up so they would have a nice place. They served for us,” said crew member Domonique Washington.

The team plans to be back for a second day before Veterans Day. They are also working in nearby Woodlawn Cemetery and in Central Park.