Urgent Action Plan Meeting in Richwood aims to join forces with community leaders



RICHWOOD, La (KTVE/KARD) – An intensive meeting with city officials, law enforcement,  and nonprofit coming together to combine their forces and come to a conclusion on what needs to be done to provide better services in helping the youth. 

“It’s not just about what one entity or two entities can do, it’s about what Richwood can do, the Parish can do and Monroe can do to work together.” Says Monroe mayor, Friday Ellis. 

“To help our educators, to help our pastors, to help municipalities, and to help those in the state level how can we work better together as a whole to make a more productive product.” He says. 

Mayor Ellis says there is a commitment with all agencies to provide a better quality of growth for our teens and young men. He says creating a “character education” could make a difference.

“Part of that is just having our adults pour into why being a good citizen having good character it’s important to what we do because in the end the earliest they learn it, and know it it won’t manifest it later on in life.” Says Ellis. 

Monroe city council district 4 , Carday Marshall says parent’s support towards teacher’s mentorship is also essential for their children’s mental health growth to help create a safe environment around them.

“Be more open to the education of the faculty and staff of the schools. Allow them to mentor your kids.” Says Marshall. 

“A lot of times the parents tell the kids, ‘don’t listen to what they say, don’t listen to what they do’, so the kid comes to school feeling like ‘they can’t say anything to me’ and that’s a problem. So we have to have parent accountability in order to help support the faculty and staff that are at the school with the kids who are involved with most of the day.” He says

The table discussion also went over security strategies both in schools and on the streets. law enforcement mentioned having a high presence in the schools from deputies hoping to make a change in Ouachita Parish.

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