UPDATE: WMHS trespassers charged with carrying a firearm on campus; bond has been revoked


On Tuesday Matthew Hutson and Theodore Herr managed to make their way through the doors of West Monroe High. The two men were spotted by a teacher and reported to authorities.

Hutson and Herr are both facing carrying a firearm on school property, criminal trespassing, and unlawful disruption of a school.

“They told us initially that they were bondsmen, we don’t know if that’s true or not,” West Monroe Police Chief Jeff Terrell said.

According to arrest reports, Hutson later changed his story and told authorities he was on school property to do a walk through because his girlfriend’s granddaughter was selling or possessing drugs and he wanted to see what she looked like.

“We had officers already on campus, so we noticifed our officers who within minutes located the two white males between the votech and another building and took them into custody immediately,” Chief Terrell said.

Herr said he was just along for the ride. He stated that he knew he wasn’t supposed to have a firearm on campus and it was “stupid.”

Regardless of the motive, leaders say everyone responded as trained.

“Our faculty and staff and students have handled this wonderfully,” Principal Shelby Ainsworth said.

All students and staff were escorted out safely and are back to their normal school routine.
Officers are making sure all doors are secured and no trespassers are let in.

“We have actually trained quite a bit in this scenario and it also helps that we have a substation here at the high school, and we have officers here all of the time,” Chief Terrell said.

” I had actually just left the high school, so it helps having officers here at all times.”

Both Herr and Hutson are still in Ouachita Correctional Center and their bond has been revoked. Their court appearance is scheduled for Monday, September 16th.

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