UPDATE: New details emerge in Lolley-Miletello double homicide



New details have emerged into the murders of a mother and son back in May of 2019. The Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office say 68 year old Marcia Lolley and 40 year old Anthony Miletello were killed in gun and drug exchange.

The Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office arrested 30-year-old Candance Beau Cooper and 20 year old Toby Jackson in connection with the murders. According to the Ouachita Parish Coroners Office, Lolley was stabbed 9 times in the chest and torso.

According to the arrest warrant, Jackson was dropped off behind Miletello’s home with intentions to burglarize it, all while Lolley was in the home. Milletello was shot a total of 6 six times, 4 of those in the head and neck area and two in the torso.

The arrest warrant also says Jackson and Miletello exited a vehicle at an unknown location “in the sticks”, where cooper heard several gunshots.

The graphic details also include how the suspects say they Milletello’s body as they were leaving the scene here on Douglas road #2.

This lines up with abrasions found on Miletello’s body. Even though time has passed, the incident remains fresh on the minds of neighbors.

“We were just talking about it yesterday and how it stays in my head, you know, always in the back of my head that things like this are happening, you now, you stay conscientiously aware of” says Clayton Walkins, a neighbor who lives a few houses down.

4th judicial district court hearings for Cooper and Jackson have been rescheduled for March 25th. It is not known at this time when they will go to trial.

This is an ongoing story and we will update you as they come in.


“MONROE, La. (5/24/19)–   A single piece of crime scene tape; the only thing left of a horrific crime scene; is attached to the gate of Anthony Miletello’s home.

It was in this home Anthony’s mother took her last breaths before her brutal murder. After two long weeks and a tireless investigation, two suspects are now behind bars.

  “I was really upset that the people did that the way they did. The way that they murdered him…Anthony and his mother,” said Donnie Griffith, one of Anthony’s best friends.

The Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office arrested 30-year-old Candance Beau Cooper and 20-year-old Toby Jackson in connection with the murders.

According to the warrant, Cooper and Miletello spoke online about trading a gun for drugs. Before luring Miletello over to her home, Cooper allegedly got Jackson involved,

According to the warrant, Cooper dropped off Jackson in the back of Miletello’s home. Jackson entered the home with the intention of burglarizing it that’s when he allegedly came into contact with Lolley and killed her.

  “I know Renee was scared, I’m sure she was scared for her life, and her son was not there to protect her,” said Griffith.

Miletello didn’t know his mother was dead when he met Cooper at her place.

Jackson arrived shortly after and the three went to Stubbs Vinson Road in Swartz to shoot the gun before the trade.

That’s when Jackson allegedly shot and killed Miletello.

  “Sick individuals do stuff like this. It felt good to get justice. I’m very proud of the Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Department,” said Griffith.

Both Cooper and Jackson are charged with second degree murder. Their next court date is unknown.

Both could face life without parole.”

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