RUSTON, La (KTVE/KARD)–Unsecure cargo on trucks and trailers can cause a serious problem if it were to fly off and strike a vehicle, causing serious injuries to people driving cars or motorcycles.

James Johnson was recently riding his motorcycle and was almost struck by a piece of cargo that was not properly restrained. “I’ve seen mattresses fly out of the back of vehicles I’ve seen buckets of oil fall out of the back of somebody’s vehicle. Last night there was a truck that improperly secured their plywood, and I saw it didn’t look right. and about that time, I thought that the piece of plywood flew up into the air and almost hit me.”

Johnson rides his motorcycle all across America and says this isn’t just a local problem. “That’s a huge problem all over the country, like people don’t know what they’re doing.”

Learning the proper way to secure cargo and doing equipment checks before driving away are things that should be done before leaving the driveway with a load of items. “using proper straps, making sure they’re not frayed or torn, making sure they work properly, and actually understanding how to use a ratchet strap “I’ve seen countless times where people don’t know how to use them and end up not securing anything at all, whereas what you want is a tight ratchet strap.” 

Some of the ways you can ensure you’re not leaving the driveway with unsecure cargo include

  1. Using heavy-duty ratchet straps

2. Only using bungy cords for lightweight items

3.Use a cargo net or truck topper for loose items.

4. Always check ratchet straps and bungee cords for rips and tears or broken buckles.